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Does perfume smell different on a blonde, brunette and redhead?

Posted by Simon Bonan on

Have you ever wondered why the same perfume smells great on your girlfriend and smells like toilet air freshener on you?

And why does the same fragrance hold on you and not on another person?

The answer is simple blonde, brunette or redhead?

Take the same perfume and spray it on three different women who are naturally redheads , blondes , or brunettes . Thanks to subtle changes in body chemistry, the perfume smells and lasts differently on each one.
Science confirms it. Our skin has a microscopic film called the dermal mantle. Subtle changes in this film result in natural, slightly different smells .

Fragrances sometimes react with these odors in surprising ways. If you recently bought a perfume that smelled good in the store but doesn't smell good on you, it could be because you're a brunette wearing a perfume that works better on a blonde or a redhead .
To define your ideal scent , here is a short guide to choosing a scent profile perfectly suited to your natural hair color .

The ideal perfume for blondes:


If you have naturally blonde hair and skin that blushes easily, the fragrances that would work best for you are single floral notes or a floral compound .

If you want to spice things up, add a hint of fruity notes to your floral scent . Otherwise try scents of vanilla or caramel to reveal your desire to seduce.

Obviously, personal preference is important. So if you prefer to avoid hyper-feminine floral notes , try oriental or woodsy scents. Where you can also try some fruity or woody chypres.

The right perfume for brunettes:


Thanks to their darker skin and active sebaceous glands, perfumes last longer on brunettes than on redheads or blondes . Oriental flowers often make an impact when paired with dark hair , as do simpler flowers . A pure oriental scent could have a big impact, or you might want to try green chypres .

First we have brunettes with golden or tanned skin who exude an outdoor look, so it's no surprise that woodsy or modern outdoor scents work better for them than for blondes or redheads . Then the pale-skinned ones who often go very well with simple floral scents or a bouquet when they're in the mood for something more complex.

Then, pink-skinned brunettes also seem to work really well with simple fragrances . If you're struggling to find the right scent , try a clean, modern scent .

The perfect perfume for redheads:


Redheads have a more acidic skin coat, which means dry, sensitive skin. Redheads do very well when they carry tart florals like carnation and tuberose scents , keeping jasmine as the exception. The right green floral can be absolutely perfect, as can fruity or woody chypres .

The general rule is to avoid perfumes that are too sweet or flowery (the same ones that smell good on blondes).

Redheads have the strongest natural scent a light civet scent that many find intoxicating. This makes amber and violet scents a natural fit.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. You might be a blonde who smells better when you wear a perfume that's generally better suited to brunettes . The only way to find out is to experiment. Even if you already have a scent or two that you love, keep experimenting and looking for that perfect scent .


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