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One season one perfume

Posted by Simon Bonan on

Which perfume for which season? What impact does the season have on your perfume? Are there summer fragrances or winter fragrances? Can we keep the same scent all year round?

Many women and men wear a fragrance by season and often, according to winter or summer.

In general, eau de parfum is preferred in winter, and eau de toilette in summer.

A comforting fragrance for winter:

winter a season a perfume

Some essential oils are preferred in winter rather than summer. We will tend to put in winter woody or amber perfumes with what we call " warm scents "

These scents can easily be worn in winter even by brunettes ( see the article ). Indeed, the external aggression of the cold instinctively directs our tastes towards comforting and warm scents .

You can even afford perfumes with powerful top notes. In addition, our skin in winter does not necessarily react to the different components of the perfume as it does during the hot seasons.

A light fragrance for summer:

summer a season a perfume

On the contrary, in summer we will tend to favor light and fresh smells over leaky or floral scents. Summer is the season for light notes of orchid, orange blossom, white musk and jasmine . This scent must be fresh because our skin with heat and perspiration interacts with the different notes of the perfume .

We will have to be much more careful about the choice of summer perfume , a bad fragrance , a too heavy smell and the perfume can quickly become unpleasant to the point of making us smell bad.

It's okay if your summer scent doesn't last all day; it must by definition be a light fragrance that is sprayed several times a day. It is especially in summer that you will understand the real need for bag vapes to perfume you again throughout the day.

The ideal perfume for spring:

spring a season a fragrance

With the arrival of spring, the beautiful days arrive without being permanent. It is therefore in spring that one can put the same fragrances as in winter in the form of eau de toilette rather than perfume or wear summer fragrances in the form of perfume rather than eau de toilette or mist , which are the variations strongly recommended in summer.

The right perfume for fall:

autumn a season a perfume

On the other hand, in autumn the hot season tends to stay longer so we will put more summer scents in the form of eau de toilette and for autumn evenings we can afford slightly woody or slightly amber fragrances. But be careful always in the form of eau de toilette or at most in the form of eau de parfum .

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