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Test: What is your fragrance family?

Posted by Simon Bonan on

Multiple criteria must be taken into account when choosing a fragrance , whether for yourself or for someone to whom you wish to offer it. It reflects our personality, embodies our image, it sublimates us. The perfume is chosen with care and tamed, because we are all unique and each skin reacts differently to perfumes . To help you find the one you need: find out which olfactory family you belong to. Take the test!

When you walk, you would like the wake you leave behind to be...

a) Feminine and delicate
b) Fresh and spicy
c) Intriguing and sensual

    Your favorite dessert :

    a) A fruit salad
    b) A lemon pie
    c) A vanilla creme brulee

      When you're in bed, you like to smell

      a) A sachet of lavender
      b) Crisp and clean sheets
      c) The caress of satin sheets

        Your muse is

        a) Anne Hathaway
        b) Cameron Diaz
        c) Monica Bellucci

          To seduce you, a man should offer you…

          a) A bouquet of red roses
          b) A zen montage with bamboo leaves and bergamot
          c) A bouquet of exotic flowers

            Your favorite appetizer

            a) A glass of good wine or a glass of champagne
            b) A Gin-tonic or a Bloody Mary
            c) A cocktail reminiscent of the holidays: mojito, caipirinha, piña colada…

              Your favorite color palette

              a) Powder pink, nude beige, soft green, azure blue: soothing shades reminiscent of nature
              b) Black, white, navy blue, camel, khaki: discreet and timeless shades, easy to live with
              c) Indigo, saffron yellow, raspberry, emerald green, coral red: rich and vibrant colors

              THE RESULTS

              You have obtained a majority of A's: you belong to the family of floral fragrances with timeless elegance. You like feminine and romantic scents, such as carnation , lily of the valley, rose , jasmine , or violet … This family of perfumes appeals to women who like to leave a chic and classic trail.

              . symphony-jasmine-perfume-woman-floral

              You have obtained a majority of Bs: you belong to the family of citrus fragrances . Characterized by their citrus scents , hesperides are fresh, lemony scents ( bergamot , orange , mandarin , or grapefruit are the most common), full of energy and fresh notes . They can be conjugated both masculine and feminine. They are lively, light and sparkling.


              You have obtained a majority of C: you belong to the family of oriental perfumes . You like mysterious and gourmet scents . They mix fragrances composed of spices , vanilla , cinnamon , amber . This family includes perfumes with warm notes . They are also rather persistent - if you use them, be careful not to put too much on, it can quickly become sickening!


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